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New in Version 6.0

New Features Optimize scroll speed and the general performance of APP minor bug fixes update of data structure of the German cities 2014/2015 Updating the retail garnish the main business locations in Germany Additional imaging the High Streets, expansion of natural road courses Further development of the COMFORT City Index for COMFORT-City ranking with 38 parameters Addition of 78 High Streets in 29 cities in Switzerland significant structural data of cities, retail stocking, sales figures, top rents Demographics, COMFORT City Index Switzerland


Now cost-free: COMFORT HighStreets provides users anywhere in the world with access to relevant and fully up-to-date information and statistics on 150 German shopping cities and their 360 main shopping streets.


- Purchasing power statistics
- Centrality statistics
- Rent demand coefficient
- Population development
- Unemployment rates
- Employees paying social security contributions
- Commercial property purchase price trend
- Maximum retail unit rents
- Wikipedia information about the cities
- Filter function for data searches and rankings
- Total overview of prime locations with zoom function in the top six metropolises
- The COMFORT City Index

The COMFORT City Index provides summarised location evaluations from the perspective of retail chains. The evaluations are based on many different factors and rated on a scale of 1 to 7 shopping bags. Five full shopping bags is the maximum rating and one half-full shopping bag the minimum rating.

A map is also provided of retail space occupation in all streets and the position of the individual retail outlets, making COMFORT HighStreets an interesting option for shopping tourists. Where was that new Apple store in Hamburg? The COMFORT HighStreets application provides the answer.
You can also use the COMFORT HighStreets app, which is now also available as a universal iPad app, to contact a COMFORT consultant near to you. Access to the iPhone-optimised website is also possible.

In a modified design with the familiar features, COMFORT HighStreets now also includes an overview of prime locations in the top six metropolises. The iASK function is also new. Users can request information about a property by taking a photo of it on their iPhone and sending it to COMFORT. The retail or commercial property is automatically identified and COMFORT then contacts the potential buyer or tenant.
COMFORT is considered to be the retail specialist among Germany's estate agents and property consulting firms. Since it was established in 1979, it has specialised in the sale and letting of commercial properties and retail units in prime German city centre locations.

One of the COMFORT Group's important research products is the annual Market Report, the most recent edition of which contained 221 pages of detailed information about the situation in the retail market and the state of the retail and commercial property markets in Germany's key shopping cities.

The bulk of this important information is now available as an iPhone application called COMFORT HighStreets to people with an interest in city centre retail units and commercial properties - such as expansion managers at successful national and international enterprises, city managers, urban developers, architects, property owners and investors.

COMFORT HighStreets App

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