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HighStreets 8.0
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The COMFORT HighStreets App has been updated and version 8.0 brings a revolutionary innovation. Pedestrian frequency rates in the most important shopping cities are provided live by at an hourly interval and displayed in the COMFORT app.

In cooperation with GmbH, a subsidiary of Aachener Grundvermögen, COMFORT now publishes the foot traffic rates for the most important prime locations in Germany on an hourly basis in its new HighStreets App. Of the 85 cities shown, foot traffic rates have been recorded in 50 cities so far. The number of metering points will be further expanded over the coming months, which means the COMFORT app’s pedestrian coverage will continue to increase significantly.


New features of version 8


  • Update of HighStreets data 2019 of the German and Austrian cities
  • Live pedestrian frequency rates in cooperation with
  • Completely new design
  • Favourites functionality for cities
  • Additional filter extension
  • Streamlined, easy usability
  • New COMFORT city maps for prime locations
  • Linkage to GoogleStreetView /Openstreetmaps
  • Optimised website loading times
  • iOS12 compatibility
  • Android



COMFORT is considered the retail specialist among Germany's estate agents and property consulting firms. Since it was established in 1979, it has specialised in the sale and letting of commercial properties and retail units in prime city centre locations of Germany.

One of COMFORT Group's important research products is the Annual Market Report “High Streets Report”, the most recent edition of which contains 208 pages of detailed information about the status of the retail market and the state of the retail and commercial property market in the key shopping cities of Germany.

The majority of this research information is now available via the free COMFORT HighStreets App for iPhones, iPads and many other smartphones This makes the COMFORT HightStreets App an indispensable tool for expansion managers, city managers, city planners, architects, homeowners, investors and simply anyone who deals with commercial buildings and their shops in city centres.

COMFORT HighStreets provides direct access to the relevant key figures for the prime shopping cities in Germany and Austria at any time and from any location.




  • Purchasing power index
  • Centrality rating
  • Rent
  • Population development
  • Unemployment rates
  • Employees paying social security contributions
  • Purchase price development for commercial properties
  • Rental prices for shop premises
  • COMFORT City Index

The COMFORT City Index provides a summary of  location evaluations from the perspective of retail chains. The evaluations are based on many different factors and are rated on a scale of 1 to 7 shopping bags. Seven shopping bags is the maximum rating and one full shopping bag the minimum rating of a city.

In addition, the retail tenant mix for streets and its development is shown as a schematic diagram. This also makes COMFORT HighStreets interesting for power shoppers: The COMFORT HighStreets App makes it easy to find new stores in downtown Frankfurt.

You can also use the COMFORT HighStreets App to contact a COMFORT consultant close to you. Access to the optimised website is also possible.



COMFORT HighStreets App

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