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Up-to-the-minute pedestrian frequency rates with the new COMFORT HighStreets App


The COMFORT HighStreets App update has arrived and version 8.0 brings a revolutionary innovation. Pedestrian frequency rates in the most important shopping cities are provided live by at an hourly interval and displayed in the COMFORT app. In this way, one can receive the latest data about the current Christmas business in local high streets.

Important research data on top shopping streets has been available in compact form via the free COMFORT HighStreets App since 2010. This makes the COMFORT HightStreets App an informative and practical tool for expansion managers, city managers, city planners, architects, homeowners, investors and simply anyone who deals with commercial buildings and their shops in city centres. At any time and from any location, the app enables direct access to relevant key figures for the top shopping cities, including population, purchasing power, unemployment, centrality, shop rents, purchase price factors, the current retail mix in shopping streets and the COMFORT City Ranking.

COMFORT now offers a groundbreaking update. In cooperation with GmbH, a subsidiary of Aachener Grundvermögen, COMFORT now publishes the foot traffic rates for the most important prime locations in Germany on an hourly basis in its new HighStreets App. Of the 85 cities shown, foot traffic rates have been recorded in 50 cities so far. The number of metering points will be further expanded over the coming months, which means the COMFORT app’s pedestrian coverage will continue to increase significantly.

Previous COMFORT HighStreets App users will receive the latest version via an update from the App Store (for iOS) or Play Store (for Android). Naturally, new users can also obtain the app free of charge on these platforms. Current figures impressively document the steady and exceptional significance of our inner cities as destinations for visitors during the Advent season. Peak hourly foot traffic has reached over 10,000 pedestrians and daily foot traffic over 100,000 pedestrians, not only in cities such as Munich, Hamburg and Cologne, but also in Hanover and Dortmund.

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