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In addition to the sale and leasing of shops and commercial premises we are increasingly providing retail property-related consultancy services. This is no coincidence,  because despite the size of the German retail market and its impressive purchasing power, the players in the German retail property market face tough competition.

We provide solid advice reflecting our 40 years of experience and detailed databases/ research to support key retail property decisions.

Retail property location and market analyses:

  • Economic feasibility assessments for project development purposes
  • Due diligence audits (in the acquisition phase)
  • Financing
  • Valuations
  • Rent assessments
  • Expansion advice
  • Urban compatibility
  • SWOT analysis

COMFORT-City Ranking

COMFORT regularly analyses about 70 cities in Germany to obtain a solid data base; not just relating to general economic parameters, but also with specific data on the city centre retail and commercial property sector.

The findings are documented in the COMFORT City Ranking, a proven benchmarking index for the attractiveness, strength and performance of the cities’ retail sectors and city centre retail properties. It provides a sound basis for negotiating rents and purchase prices for city centre retail properties.
The method:

The COMFORT City Ranking is a data-based index based on the COMFORT City Index. In technical terms, it is a weighted index of relevant key data and information.
It consists of three separate sub-rankings based on a total of 35 relevant parameters. The sub-rankings are as follows:

  • Demographics/ (socio)-economics: Population and population development, economic productivity, labour market, tourism, retail purchasing power (a total of 10 parameters).
  • Retail: Catchment area and fashion centrality, city sales revenue, total city retail space, city retail space productivity, percentage of total retail space in the city centre (total of 13 parameters).
  • Locations & properties: City rents, property prices and property price development, tenant demand and intensity of demand, retail locations/ retail space structure, sector/operator mix (total of 12 parameters).

Research & Consulting


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COMFORT-City Ranking

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